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About Me

About me

Hello! I’m Natasha and welcome to my website! It’s difficult to pinpoint when and where my love for astrology began, but I do remember my parents showing me my birth chart when I was a child. I didn’t quite know exactly what I was looking at then, but I was fascinated by the intricate geometry the planets were

making. As I entered my teenage years, I would religiously read the horoscope for my sun sign in any magazine that I came across, hoping for insight on how I operated or how my mind worked. Though my understanding of astrology was only surface level at the time, what I didn’t realize was that astrology was opening the door into the realm of self-discovery.

This passion to explore who I truly was—and who others were—led me to take my first psychology class in high school, and I instantly connected with the subject. That psychology class impacted me so deeply that it led me to further my studies in college, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology from the University of Hawai’i - West O’ahu. Throughout my college years, I would continually ask friends and family for their birth information so I could cast their birth chart. In this way, as I was nurturing my love for psychology, I was also nurturing a deeper love for astrology.


After I received my B.A., I was on track to begin my Masters Degree in Counseling when life took a turn. Years of suppressed trauma came up seemingly out of nowhere and in a sudden rush. In need of guidance, I turned to astrology. I began studying with astrologer Divine Harmony, known for her unique way of interpreting birth charts by combining astrology, depth psychology, and shadow work. In addition to Harmony's teachings, I have also studied with astrologers trained in evolutionary astrology. After continuously deep diving into my own birth chart in my astrology courses, I began to face my own shadow, and as I did, I slowly began to embrace my gifts, own my story, and love the parts of myself that, for one reason or another, I had deemed unworthy. The subject that was once a tool for self-discovery transformed into a catalyst for profound healing.

Astrology is a powerful tool for clarity, transformation, empowerment, and healing, and these qualities are at the heart of every astrological reading I offer.

For more information on the different types of readings I offer, please visit my Services page. For any other questions or to book a reading, please visit my Contact page.




"I'm  a huge fan of astrologers. They have provided me with important information throughout my life. Natasha came highly recommended as a young woman just getting started. I magnanimously thought I'd do her a favor. Boy, was I wrong! Natasha blew me away! She communicates her vast, extensive knowledge with contagious, positive energy! She provided the most thorough reading I have ever received, and revealed new and surprising aspects in my chart of which I was totally unaware. Questions were answered. Shadows were gently revealed. Decisions were validated. Dreams were activated. What a gift. Hard to believe, but I've never been more excited about my future--yes, at age 76! Knowing I now have a guide on my life's path, I will be calling on Natasha again and again." -Nita A.

"I really enjoyed my Foundational Natal Chart Reading with Natasha. It had a wonderful cascading effect on me. I really truly needed to hear some of the things she said. I don't think I've ever felt so validated in my life. So many aspects of myself I've struggled with and questioned are now things I feel confident and excited about. I'm now eagerly embracing who I am in so many ways and I cannot thank Natasha enough. It's a gift I never expected." -Bob M.


"I'm so grateful for the insight and perspective that I gained from my readings with Natasha. I feel more aware of myself, better able to observe my particular patterning, and ready to utilize my gifts. She creates a really beautiful space where it feels safe to examine your more shadowy placements. I'm usually more than a little lost when it comes to space and geometry, but I was actually able to understand and retain her explanations of the signs, planets, placements, and houses. She is clear and to the point as she takes you on a journey through your chart...Ultimately, my readings from Natasha have brought me into a deeper relationship with myself and have left me with a better grasp on astrology as a whole." -Eliana Y.


"Natasha is absolutely remarkable! Her integration of Goddess asteroids, planetoids was truly enlightening. I've never received such a comprehensive, integrated, and explicit reading. She laid out the blueprint and movements in my life with powerful explanation." -Rebecca W.

"If you're looking for clarity on yourself, your life, where you've been, where you're going, and/or what drives you, look no further! Natasha's Foundational Natal Chart Reading shines a bright light on all those things and then some. Her deep understanding of astrology, how to interpret what your chart shows, and how to communicate what's beneficial to you so masterfully in a way that's digestible is out of this world--pun intended! Thank you Natasha for the enlightenment session. Highly recommend to anyone who's bold enough to seek counsel from the cosmos and look within." -Jeannie J.

"Natasha's astrological readings combine her profound knowledge of astrology (it's like she's been studying astrology since birth), her keen intuition, and compassion. She was spot on with so many things that happened or were taking place in my life and she offered good advice on how to cope with certain situations based on my personal birth chart information. Natasha also adds the goddess asteroids, like Ceres and Pallas Athena, in her readings. By including the goddesses, Natasha puts much needed feminine energy back into the birth chart. If you need personal guidance and insight on your life pulled from the stars, I wholeheartedly recommend getting an astrological reading from Natasha--her heart is as full of compassion and kindness as her intellect is full of wisdom and knowledge." -Teresa T. 

"Natasha provided me with the most insightful and life changing astrological reading I have ever had. I'm in my 60's and have had numerous astrological readings over the years, so I can say with certainty that a good astrological reading helps you apply the wisdom of the stars to your personal healing and life's journey. Natasha did this and more! She intuitively established a personalized safe space to delve into the shadow elements of my chart along with other key astrological aspects that had me clearly seeing the spirit that I am through the lens of my astrological chart. Natasha expressed the information she saw in my chart through a caring, positive, and reflective conversation that inspired self-reflection and healing. She has a profoundly refreshing, encouraging, and enthusiastic reading style that I highly recommend you experience for yourself. Thank you, Natasha, for an amazing exchange that has reconnected me with my soul life purpose and the courage to be in this world and not caught up in it!" -Anthony D.

"From my first digital contact with Natasha I felt an instant connection. Like that kind of knowing that you're about to embark on a deeply incredible journey with a stranger who very clearly is no stranger at all. That kind of connection. With that said, the astrological readings I have received from Natasha have been nothing short of life altering for me, not just because she unveiled unknowns that opened my brain space, but rather because she skillfully and seamlessly created a safe container in which I was able to see and truly feel what I've always known but never quite gave myself the space to fully embrace. With the most loving and sincere guidance from Natasha, I am, chart by chart, taking back my power and gaining a more embodied understanding of myself and the women in my familial line. Natasha presents astrology in such a joyful and digestible way that I become so engrossed in the moment that I really get and understand the wisdom. I literally cannot get enough of what Natasha has to share and feel such gratitude for the work she is doing. It is powerful, potent, and absolutely precious." -Jessica O.


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